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Studebaker and the War Effort

In August 1996 the Chautauqua County Airport in Jamestown New York had a special visitor, a Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress. The B-17 was the United States best known and respected heavy bomber during the World War II. Studebaker in doing … Continue reading

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The Summer of ’42

by Paul Revell The bright summer sun shone through the cottage window. Rose, a young girl of 20, opened one eye, then the other. She sat up, then picked up a book. Hemingway. School was over and summer was time … Continue reading

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Out of the Past

Studebaker had a long and interesting history. The company was more than the cars and trucks we all enjoy driving and tinkering with though… Studebaker was diversified toward the end adding a variety of companies under it's corporate belt. There was machinery, … Continue reading

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